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dear yuletide author

Hello, lovely Yuletide author! I apologize for taking so long to update this letter and will not fault you at all if you choose not to read it at this point, lol. Nonetheless, if you'd like a little more specific guidance regarding my requests, you'll find that under the cut.

Thank you in advance for whatever it is that you write, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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do this, it'll be awesome!

An exchange taking place (unsurprisingly) over the summer, hosted on AO3. The main fandom of the exchange is Gossip Girl, but it is open to other fandoms as well - you must request/be willing to write GG fic, but requests for other fandoms are also totally encouraged! Hop on over here for more info and sign-ups, and feel free to contact me or margottenenbaum should you have any questions.

NB: If you only want to make one GG request and one GG offer that's fine - we're really hoping to match up some other fandoms too.

Sign-ups are open from now until May 13th.